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Investment call

View point -Welspun Corp (CMP Rs 116): Strong growth in pipeline Global leadership in pipes, de-risks from domestic slowdown: Welspun Corp Ltd (WCL) is a leading global manufacturer of the large diameter steel pipes with around 10% market share. It has the largest capacity of 2.4 million metric tonne (MT) per annum, strategically located across… Read More »

Todays Stock news

—>Bombay high court has approved the demerger of Consumer business from Consolidated business of Crompton Greaves. – Positive for Crompton Greaves —>Inox Leisure starts commercial operations of Multiplex Cinema Theatres, taken on Lease basis, and located at Thrissur and Meerut – Positive for the company Inox Leisure has commenced the commercial operations of Multiplex Cinema… Read More »


RTDs are completely passive sensing elements, requiring the application of an externally-sourced  electric current in order to function as temperature sensors. Thermocouples, however, generate their own electric potential. In some ways, this makes thermocouple systems simpler because the device receiving the thermocouple’s signal does not have to supply electric power to the thermocouple. The self-powering nature of thermocouples… Read More »

Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Disk Valve

In a Ball valve spherical ball with passageway cut through center rotate to allow and control flow.  When the passageway is parallel to the direction of fluid motion, the valve is wide open; when the passageway is aligned perpendicular to the direction of fluid motion, the valve is fully shut (closed). Below photographs are hand operated ball… Read More »

RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) & Thermistors

RTD and Thermistors are simplest device in these devices resistance is increase when temperature is increase or decrease. when temp. is increase , resistance is increase  is call positive temp coefficient and vise versa. Thermistors are devices made of metal oxide which either increase in resistance with increasing  temperature.RTDs are devices made of pure metal… Read More »

Mechanical Pressure Element (Bellows,Diaphragm, Bourdon tube )

Bellows, Diaphagm, Bourdon tube each are mechanical pressure element which convert mechanical pressure in to force. This element will produce motion proportional to appiled pressure.   Increasing pressure inside a bellows unit causes it to elongate. see bellow in below figure   A diaphragm is nothing more than a thin disk of material which bows outward… Read More »

Stock tips 29/12/15

Buy LICHSGFIN @488 TG 495 SL 483  sell tata motor dvr @290 TG 285 SL 294 sell IOC @433 TG 426 SL 437           advice your financial advisor before treding