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What is NFC ?

NFC : Near field communication NFC is short range high frequency wireless communication technology.                                                           NFC is mainly for mobile and handheld device.        … Read More »

Mechanical vibration switches

A much simpler alternative to continuous vibration sensors (displacement or acceleration) and monitoring equipment suitable for less critical applications is a simple mechanical switch actuated by a machine’s vibration. These switches cannot, of course, quantitatively analyze machine vibrations, but they do serve as qualitative indicators of gross vibration. The following photograph shows a Robertshaw “Vibraswitch” unit: This switch… Read More »

Electrodeless conductivity probes

An entirely different design of conductivity cell called electrodeless uses electromagnetic induction rather than direct electrical contact to detect the conductivity of the liquid solution. This cell design enjoys the distinct advantage of virtual immunity to fouling, since there is no direct electrical contact between the measurement circuit and the liquid solution. Instead of using two or four… Read More »