By | November 2, 2016

The Py-Gas is an online sample conditionerdesigned for difficult sample conditioning situations such as the following.

• Hot and dirty gases
• Pyrolysis gases
• Liquid mists or water removal
• Wet, dirty gases
• Heavy particulate removal
• Fine carbon removal

The initial sample problem addressed by the Py-Gas was in gas/liquid feedstock for a cracking furnace producing ethylene. The problem was to sample a reactive pyrolysis gas to remove solids, water, and heavy oils from a complex, hot hydrocarbon gas mixture online so that the lighter hydrocarbons could be analyzed by a gas chromatograph or mass spectrometer. Under such conditions, conventional sampling systems tend to plug rapidly, suffer from a high degree of unreliability, and require extensive and frequent maintenance. Py-Gas successfully overcame these difficulties while providing a saturated, cooled, and representative sample forthe required measurement.

The basic design of the Py-Gas uses chemical engineering principles to drop out the condensable and wash them back into the process together with any solids resulting in a self-cleaning unit. From this basic design, a whole family of Py-Gas sample conditioners have been developed to address various difficult sample conditioning applications.

Features:- On-Line Sample Conditioning, Self Cleaning ,Uses Vortex Air or Chilled Liquid Coolant, No Moving Parts, Provides Clean Sample to Analyzers, Uniform Representative Sampling, Suitable for Hazardous Areas (No Electronic Parts)

Application:-Ethylene Production, Blast Furnace Gas ,Coke Oven Gas, Coal Gasifiers, Acetic Acid Removal in TPA Plants, Acetylene Production Reformers, Fluidized Cat Cracker.

De-cock option:- In some extreme applications, the self-cleaning function of the Py-Gas sample conditioner may not be adequate to remove all coke buildup at the sample tap. For such cases, two de-coke options are available for manual or automatic removal of coke buildup.

An optional pneumatic ram valve uses a piston to clear coke accumulations at the sample tap. Alternately, an optional electrical drill is used to remove coke buildup at the sample tap. Depending upon the application and operating conditions, the periodic operation of either style of de-coke accessory eliminates potential plugging of the process tap. 

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