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Automation is a  technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

How to downlaod and upload program in siemens S7

First Creat a New Project :-  Go to Start > Create new project > fill the detail like project name, path, comment etc…     After that click on configure network      Here we can check accessible devices    Now click on online   Online > Upload device as new station (Hardware and Software)… Read More »

Ethernet Cabling

Along with hubs came another form of Ethernet cable and connector: unshielded, twisted pair (UTP) wiring and RJ-45 “flat” connectors. These cables use multiple twisted pairs of wires instead of the coaxial cable specified in Metcalfe’s original Ethernet. The purpose of using twisted-wire pairs is to reduce magnetic signal coupling. For 10 Mbps Ethernet over UTP cable (called… Read More »

Repeaters (hubs)

Bob Metcalfe’s original design for Ethernet consisted of DTE devices connected to a common coaxial cable through the use of “tee” connectors, like this: This cabling arrangement suffered several problems. First, it was inconvenient to run through an office building, since each DTE device needed to be coupled rather closely to the main “trunk.” Short cable segments (called… Read More »

Ethernet network

An engineer named Bob Metcalfe conceived the idea of Ethernet in 1973, while working for the Xerox research center in Palo Alto, California. His fundamental invention was the CSMA/CD method of channel arbitration, allowing multiple devices to share a common channel of communication while recovering gracefully from inevitable “collisions.” In Metcalfe’s vision, all of the “network intelligence” would be… Read More »