Transmitter:- 3 valve manifold operation

By | January 13, 2016

Manifold Operation :- Improper installation or operation of manifolds may result in process leaks, which may cause death or serious injury.

 Always perform a zero trim on the transmitter/manifold assembly after installation to eliminate any shift due to mounting effects.

Three valve configurations shown: In normal operation the two block valves between the process and instrument ports will be open and the equalizing valve will be closed.


1. To zero the 3051, close the block valve to the low  pressure (downstream) side of the transmitter first.

1982. Open the center (equalize) valve to equalize the  pressure on both sides of the transmitter. The manifold valves are now in the proper configuration for zeroing the transmitter.


3. After zeroing the transmitter, close the equalizing valve.


4. Open the block valve on the low pressure side of the transmitter to return the transmitter to service.


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